ADR Minor

An undergraduate minor in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a great complement to just about any major and will help you increase your competitive edge in the workplace. This interdisciplinary minor requires 21 hours of coursework. That means the minor draws from courses in more than one discipline.

The following courses (12 hours) are required for all students completing the ADR minor:

Number Course Name Hours
PACS 4000 Mediation 3
PACS 4050 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3
PACS 4060 Practicum in Mediation and Dispute Resolution 3
COMM 3320 Communication and Conflict Management 3

For the remaining 9 hours of the minor, students may select 3 courses as electives from the list below. These classes should be chosen in consultation with your advisor and must be from two different academic departments. 

Number Course Name Hours
BLAW 3430 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business 3
CJUS 3210 Judicial and Legal Systems 3
MGMT 3870 Management Research Methods 3
PACS 4010 Family Mediation 3
PACS 4020 Dispute Resolution in the Workplace 3
PACS 4030 Dispute Resolution in a Global Workplace 3
PACS 4040 Crisis Intervention 3
PACS 4070 Arbitration Basics 3
PSYC 3640 Marital Adjustment 3

Students interested in pursuing this minor should contact their major advisor. For additional information about the ADR program or minor, please contact the ADR advisor.