ADR Certificate

The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Certificate consists of 12 hours of course work—9 hours of required courses and 3 hours of electives. These courses introduce students to formal negotiation practices and mediation, a type of facilitated negotiation. Students also have the opportunity to observe firsthand how these practices are used to settle real conflicts.

The ADR Certificate is an excellent addition to your professional toolkit whether your ultimate career goals are in law, business, criminal justice, education, or another field.

The following courses are required for the ADR Certificate:

Number Course Name Hours
PACS 4000 Mediation 3
PACS 4050 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution 3
PACS 4060 Practicum in Mediation and Dispute Resolution 3

Students may choose one of the following courses as an elective for the ADR Certificate:

Number Course Name Hours
PACS 4010 Family Mediation 3
PACS 4020 Dispute Resolution in the Workplace 3
PACS 4030 Dispute Resolution in a Global Workplace 3
PACS 4040 Crisis Intervention 3
PACS 4070 Arbitration Basics 3

After completing the necessary coursework, students must apply to receive their ADR Certificate.  More information on this process is available at Certificate Application